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Technical instructors and staff partner on several committees to improve the Washburn Tech experience, both for the student and the employee. Committee assignments range from curriculum and facilities to safety and student well-being. Here is a look at current committee rosters:

2020-21 Committee Assignments

The Assessment Committee is charged with the responsibility of maintaining transparency and accountability regarding the mission and values of our institution, including the assessment of student learning and co-curricular practices and procedures. The committee determines appropriate methods to assess student mastery of the Washburn Tech Standard Learning Outcomes (SLOs). The Assessment Committee assists technical instructors in developing assessment plans to conduct cohort-level assessment. Additionally, the Assessment Committee provides summaries of assessment results to the marketing director for distribution to the public and to relevant stakeholders.
  • Darrin Dillingham
  • Chris Mullins
  • Scott Nickel
  • John Rasmussen
  • Kimberly Young

The Care Closet committee is an advisory group that is responsible for raising money to support the Care Closet and to assist the Campus Advocate in establishing guidelines for the disbursement of aid to Washburn Tech students in need of assistance to complete their education.  The committee’s work is advisory in nature and does not include disbursing aid to students or discussing individual student cases/needs.

  • Shelley Bearman, Chair
  • Mike Evenson
  • Steve Greene
  • Ronda Haverkamp
  • Aaron Karnes
  • Paul Mallory
  • Jonathan Rossich
  • Tammy Schrickel

The College Council is an advisory body whereby instructors and staff members provide input and feedback for revising and/or creating policies and procedures at Washburn Tech.

  • Mike Clouser
  • Lenis Dawson
  • Dodie Greenfield
  • Jordan Rossich
  • Ali Setayesh

The Curriculum Committee is charged with the responsibility of reviewing and determining whether to approve curriculum revisions, additions and deletions.  Recommendations of the Curriculum Committee are referred to the assistant dean and director of technical education for further action in the curriculum process workflow.

  • Mark Green                                    
  • Pam Manning
  • Bob Oswald
  • David Praiswater
  • Stephanie Selk
  • Eric Showalter
  • Kelly Winkel

The Program Review Committee coordinates the comprehensive program review process. The committee reviews and evaluates the program reviews that have been submitted. The purpose of program review is to facilitate intentional self-evaluation and planning to support program quality, improve student success and equity, enhance teaching and learning, and connect resource allocation to strategic planning.

  • Cody Beauclair
  • Judith Chenoweth
  • Larry Newell
  • Peggy Snook
  • Aaron Starnes
  • Daniel Stumpf
  • Dave Tenpenny
  • Ashley Tyler

The Safety Committee at Washburn Tech serves as a subcommittee of the Washburn University Safety Committee. The committee is charged with the responsibility of reviewing and determining action for safety items on the Washburn Tech locations. Recommendations of the Safety Committee are referred to the Washburn University Safety Committee or the facility manager for further action.

  • Jaime Chapman
  • Matthew Flink
  • Teresa Huttenmaier
  • Nicholas Hunter
  • John Lemon
  • JW Patterson
  • Nicole Wade

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