Instructor Honored for Enhancing Student Life

January 11, 2017

Topeka – For Washburn Tech instructor Mike Evenson, teaching goes beyond the walls of his classroom. Students in the Commercial and Heavy Construction program drive big equipment on campus while learning to maneuver life outside of school. For that reason, Washburn University has given him the Student Life Achieving Excellence award for January.

“Mike joined the Washburn Tech family in 2011 and has been instrumental in setting up the Commercial and Heavy Construction program,” said Eric Grospitch, vice president, Student Life. “He also has worked hard to partner with business and industry including The Victor L. Phillips Company.”

This is the first time that a Washburn Tech instructor has received the Student Life Achieving Excellence award.  The honor recognizes faculty, staff or community members who demonstrate excellence in working with individual students, student groups and organizations. Evenson’s students nominated him for the award.

“Mike never stops teaching his class. He teaches us everything we need to know about operating equipment and he goes above and beyond to teach us life lessons, as well,” one student wrote.

“He is one of those instructors who is always energetic, positive and engaged. He shares a real passion for his craft with our students and that really resonates with them,” said Clark Coco, dean, Washburn Tech. “Our Washburn Tech Family congratulates Mike on a job well done.”