Washburn Tech Delivers Customized CDL Training

July 20, 2015

Topeka, Kan. – A new partnership is driving classes that add another skill to the resumes of local union members. Washburn Tech is providing Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training to members of United Steelworkers Local 307. The two-day course, offered several times during the summer, is a fast and convenient option for workers who want to obtain a CDL.

“This is a great idea and a great benefit offered by United Steelworkers union to their membership. We are helping the members of Local 307 build an additional skill that will allow them to enhance their marketability,” said Mike Evenson, CDL and Commercial and Heavy Construction instructor, Washburn Tech. “These are good students, who need a permit before they actually begin with us so we know their commitment level is high from the get-go.”

Students in Washburn Tech’s CDL course are given access to online prep sites, videos and a study guide which prepare them to pass a three-part written test at a Kansas Driver’s License Station and obtain a permit. Then, students attend class at Washburn Tech for two days where they learn how to maneuver a semi-truck. The training prepares students to take a driving test, using a Washburn Tech semi-truck, which includes a pre-trip inspection, parking and backing in addition to a road test with a state inspector.

“We are excited to work with United Steelworkers and provide this training,” said Tim Clothier, coordinator, Washburn Tech Business & Industry Center. “We anticipate this customized training will serve as a model in the development of a stand-alone CDL course as part of Washburn Tech’s continuing education offerings.”

For more information about customized training, contact Tim Clothier at 785.670.2240 or tim.clothier@washburn.edu.