Topeka Metro Drives New Training Opportunity

March 24, 2015

Topeka, Kan. – Topeka Metro is rolling out a sizable donation to Washburn Tech at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, March 24, in front of Building A at 5724 SW Huntoon St. The organization will deliver a retiring bus to the Diesel Technology program to provide additional training opportunities for students.

“Washburn Tech is such a great community partner and we were happy to be able to provide this bus as a teaching tool for their students,” said Susan Duffy, general manager, Topeka Metro. “This bus served the community well for 17 years, I love that it will have a second life at Washburn.”

The bus comes to Washburn Tech after 500,000 miles traveled and an estimated 1.5 million passengers during its time in service. Topeka Metro purchased the bus in 1998 and while its assessed value has substantially diminished, Washburn Tech’s dean says its value as a training tool is priceless.

“Topeka Metro’s generous donation gives our students a tremendous training opportunity. To get their hands on this type of large, diesel engine adds one more skill to their resumes,” said Clark Coco, dean, Washburn Tech. “And that, in turn, helps our economy by providing well-trained technicians who are ready to join and boost the area workforce.”