Washburn Tech Hosts Education Boot Camp

June 1, 2013

Educators face an intense day of training at an innovative NC3 Boot Camp on June 17th at Washburn Tech, 5724 SW Huntoon St., Topeka.  It’s designed to build their knowledge of technical career opportunities as well as technical education available in the state.

High-tech skills are in high-demand by today’s employers. Graduates with technical skills are often the first to be picked-up in the job market.  Educators, ready to meet the challenge of preparing students with these advanced work skills, will use contextual integrated lessons for math and science, and high-tech tools used in industry.  Educators will experience how these elements work together to promote higher academic skills.  The Boot Camp will also include an overview of 21stCentury Career Technical Education: Productive Partnerships with Business/Industry, through an alliance with the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3), Trane, Inc., and Snap-On tools.  This training model will be replicated across the state.

The Boot Camp is co-sponsored by Washburn Tech, Kansas Department of Education, and Kansas Board of Regents.